The Town of Caracena in the province of Soria Spain

by Fernando Caracena
(C) Fernando Caracena 1998, all text and photographs.

The mayor, Ildefonso Valverde Lozano

The town and I are both Caracenas.

 February 1998
After giving an invited talk at the Asamblea Hispano-Portuguese de Geodesia y Geofisica the week of 9-13 February 1998 at Aguadulce, Almeria, I visited the town of Caracena in the province of Soria, Spain. Angel Rivera Perez, a friend from the  the Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia (INM) drove me to the town which is the probable source of my surname. The river that runs by the village is called Caracena also. Formerly it was known as the rio Adante.